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Underinsurance Study

While considerable attention has been focused on uninsured children/families, there are many families who are unable to afford recommended care for their children even though they are insured. This SOAR-Net study represents a modification of a study by Colorado family physicians that was published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine last year. That study focused solely on adults. The SOAR-Net study focuses on children’s health care. Parents were surveyed to assess whether (in spite of having insurance) they have delayed or avoided medical care (prescriptions, labs, x-rays, sub-specialty appointments, medical supplies, etc.) due to poor insurance coverage of these services or because of high deductibles or co-pays. Data collection for this study was completed in September 2009. Any clinician interested in information about this important study should contact Greg Eberhart (937-885-4475) or Jack Pascoe (937-641-3277).

Social Capital Study

SOARnet clinicians from community pediatric offices have recruited more than 700 parents to participate in the Social Capital Study. Primary care offices that have already recruited families are located throughout the Miami Valley and include: The Rocking Horse Center (Springfield, OH), Cornerstone Pediatrics (Springboro, OH), Ohio Pediatrics, Inc (Kettering and Huber Heights, OH locations) and the Developmental Pediatric Clinic at The Children's Medical Center of Dayton.

Parents of children receiving care from SOARnet primary care clinics are invited to answer questions about the health of their children, their children’s quality of life, and their community support or social capital. The overwhelming response from parents concerning content of the questionnaire has been positive.

A twelve-month review of the “index” child’s medical chart will be done to determine parents’ child health behaviors (e.g. office phone calls, immunizations, well and acute visits). A Body Mass Index (BMI) will also be collected for each index child.

Chart reviews were completed in September 2009. If you would like to participate in this study please contact Greg Eberhart (937) 885-4475 or John Pascoe (937) 641-3277.

Maternal Mental Health Study

SOARnet clinicians have participated in the Maternal Mental Health Study along with members of the Ohio Research Consortium. SOARnet has collected 700 responses from area mothers whose children were treated at primary care offices in the Miami Valley. The response from participating mothers has been overwhelmingly positive. The mothers of SOARnet patients were asked to complete a two-page survey providing feedback on maternal resource guides for patients seen in practices in Greene, Montgomery and Clark counties.

The goal of the study is to improve heath care providers’ awareness of maternal depression and to increase screening as well as referrals of mothers who are at risk for depression.

Preliminary data analysis has shown that about 30 percent of the surveyed moms had a positive depression screen. While almost all mothers found the resource guide to be helpful and easy to use, mothers with a positive depression score were more likely to report the resource guide was helpful for them personally and that they were likely to call “any of the numbers.”

The project has been submitted to the Wright-Patterson AFB (WPAFB) Institutional Review Board and data collection will begin at the WPAFB Pediatric clinic this fall. If you would like to participate in this study please contact Greg Eberhart (937) 885-4475 or John Pascoe (937) 641-3277.


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